Jonathan Law

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Hi there !

I am Jonathan Law Hui Hao, a full stack developer based in Malaysia. I work with tech stuff including but not limited to software's, hardware's and infrastructures.

Tbh I am not sure what people write on their personal website, so I will end it here. Feel free to browse around this site and hopefully there are contents that made your visit un-wasted!
( Also to increase your duration on this site so my demographics looks nice :p )

(, 2021)


Stuff I do whenever I am free

I write stuff at Medium/Towards Data Science.

Check out my tech blog!

Projects that I have no idea why I did it...

Check out my works

Using data to make NFT art!

[WIP] here

Things that I do

And always excited to learn more


- Analyst, Visualizing
(Datastudio, Tableau etc...)
- Engineering
(ETL/ELT, Warehousing, BigQuery)

Artificial Intelligence

- Computer vision
(OpenCV, Tensorflow)


- Python, Golang, Laravel (PHP)
- NodeJS, VueJS, Web Technologies (PWA...)
- Scripting (PS, BASH, cronjobs...)
- Grabbing cat facts from APIs
- Bruteforce until something works

Infra & others

- Terraform, Google Cloud, Azure
- Servers (Active Directory, DNS etc)
- Automations, CI/CD, Github
- VMware ESXi, vSphere, Horizon
- Adobe Suite

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Last updated on Nov 2021