Jonathan Law

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Hi there !

I am Jonathan Law Hui Hao, a Business Support Specialist in Malaysia who enjoys working with tech, RPA and Machine Learning!

Adding some gibberish words here that is totally unrelated to my profile so that my website looks packed with content.

Anyway, do come say hi via the site chatbox or email [email protected]

(, 2021)


Stuff I do whenever I am free

I write stuff at Medium/Towards Data Science.

Check out my tech blog!

Projects that I have no idea why I did it...

Check out my works

Using data to make NFT art!

[WIP] here

Things that I do

And always excited to learn more


- Analyst, Visualizing
(Datastudio, Tableau etc...)
- Engineering
(ETL/ELT, Warehousing, BigQuery)

Artificial Intelligence

- Computer vision
(OpenCV, Tensorflow)


- Python, Golang, Laravel (PHP)
- NodeJS, VueJS, Web Technologies (PWA...)
- Scripting (PS, BASH, cronjobs...)
- Grabbing cat facts from APIs
- Bruteforce until something works

Infra & others

- Terraform, Google Cloud, Azure
- Servers (Active Directory, DNS etc)
- Automations, CI/CD, Github
- VMware ESXi, vSphere, Horizon
- Adobe Suite

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Last updated on May 2022