Jonathan Law

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Hi there !

I am Jonathan Law Hui Hao, a Business Support Specialist in Malaysia.

I combine logistics and process improvement with technology.
Whether it's optimizing workflows, analyzing data, or automating tasks to drive efficiency, I find joy in the challenge of navigating complex systems.

No ChatGPT was involved here, just many years of scrolling LinkedIn and Grammarly.

Anyway, do say hi via the below the page or email [email protected]


Stuff I do whenever I am free

I write stuff at Medium/Towards Data Science.

Check out my tech blog!

Projects made, because why not

Check out my works

A venture into creating NFT art using data from YouTube captions, or computed generated art

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Things I do

What I tell people I do:
[ ]

What I actually do:
I grab cat facts and send them to the company group chat every time someone requests to move something from the warehouse.

Things I do, specifically


- Analyst, Visualizing
(Looker, Power BI, Tableau etc...)
- Engineering
(ETL/ELT, Warehousing, BigQuery)

Artificial Intelligence

- Computer vision
(OpenCV, Tensorflow)
- Does ChatGPT counts?


- Python, Golang, Laravel (PHP)
- NodeJS, VueJS, Web Technologies (PWA...)
- Scripting (PS, BASH, cronjobs...)
- Grabbing cat facts from APIs
- Bruteforce until something works

Infra & others

- Terraform, Google Cloud, Azure
- Servers (Active Directory, DNS etc)
- Automations, CI/CD, Github
- VMware ESXi, vSphere, Horizon
- Adobe Suite

Jonathan Law Hui Hao