Jonathan Law

Tinder Data

Summing up my year with an in-depth tutorial on data scrapping and analysis on Tinder users around me according to my preference.

What Tinder users' demographics are around me?

Tinder as we know it is a matchmaking app that both parties have to swipe right on each other to match. Over the years, Tinder has evolved and unofficially been used as an app for hookups or just finding friends to socialize with. Our goal today is to find out what are people around me really looking for in Tinder, what are the demographics of users around me, and if there is any influence based on my preference settings.

Pssst the charts are interactive...
Click on a university to understand the demographics of Tinder users from that university!

To request for the dataset I scrapped, please chat me via the Messenger icon at the bottom left of this page
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Article about this project
Full dashboard link
Tinder website

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